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Counseling and Therapy for Mood Instability 

Otten Counseling helps you regulate mood, emotions, and actions 

Otten Counseling provides the tools needed for those experiencing instability in their mood or emotions. A supportive environment in sessions provides treatment, coping skills, and education for regulating oneself. 

Who suffers from mood and emotion dysregulation?

  • People of all ages, not just children

  • Individuals with or without a mental health disorder

  • Some disorders include: bipolar, anxiety, depression, OCD and addiction

In simple terms, what does Mood and Emotion Regulation mean?

  • The ability to control what’s happening on the inside regardless of what is happening on the outside.

But, what is the inside?​

  • Emotions

  • Where you let your thoughts take you

  • Your actions or behaviors

  • Your body’s physical reaction

Well, what is the outside?

  • Physical surrounds

  • People around you

  • Sounds or words you hear

  • A situation that triggers you inside


Get help now to learn more. You will find solutions to regulate yourself to benefit your life. Stability will increase your ability to experience happiness and connect with others!


Virtual & In Person Options. Virtual Counseling Available in North Carolina & South Carolina Statewide.
In person Counseling reserved for holistic options, located in Charlotte, NC.

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