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Therapy for Addiction and Recovery

Otten Counseling helps you maintain long term recovery

If a person struggles with addiction, an individual may not trust someone else who has not battled with addiction too or has not maintained long term recovery themselves. Bethany Otten entered recovery in 2013 and has maintained her long term recovery. She is knowledgable in many avenues of recovery from addiction as she has a background as a Peer Support Specialist and worked at a Substance Use treatment center. Everyone's story of addiction looks different and everyone's recovery does too. You may or may not want to incorporate 12 steps within your recovery, you have choice. At your own option, the 12 Steps may be utilized and referenced. The 12 steps is not the only avenue available. Accountability is a huge part of maintaining a lifestyle in recovery. With counseling, you have the opportunity to become accountable.

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If you can relate to ANY of the following questions, Otten Counseling can help. 

  • Do you realize that you have a problem OR are you beginning to question whether you do? 


  • Do you want to incorporate mindfulness approaches or deepen your meditation practice in your recovery?

  • Have you felt that you want want additional support from a professional for mental health issues beyond addiction?


  • Have you been trying to maintain recovery for years but you just don't know how?


  • Are you in recovery and feel like life isn't getting any better?


  • Have you or others been "damaged" in result of addiction?


  • Have you been discouraged by someone in a 12 step program for needing mental health services or needing medication?


  • Have you been told you are wrong by someone in a recovery program for wanting to find a different way to maintain recovery?

Virtual & In Person Options. Virtual Counseling Available in North Carolina & South Carolina Statewide.
In person Counseling reserved for holistic options, located in Charlotte, NC

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