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Counseling and Therapy for Self-Esteem:

Otten Counseling helps you learn how to love, accept, and be confident in yourself

Self Esteem Counseling

Comparing oneself to others is the perfect breeding ground for poor self-esteem. Today, social media and entertainment make comparison and criticism possible 24/7. Otten Counseling provides support to help build yourself back up again. Have you ever been able to truly feel like you love all parts of yourself? 

Getting to know yourself is one of the first steps. Learning how to live authentically and align with yourself provides the space to see yourself for the unique and amazing person that you are. You may be doubting yourself right now and asking, "Am I amazing?" Yes, yes you are amazing. Others in your past may have told you otherwise. Or even bullied you to the point where you lost all confidence. You may have had experiences in life where you felt like a failure. It is possible to reframe your experiences to see obstacles as an opportunity to be triumphant. So let's get you to a place where you can look in the mirror and love what is right in front of you. Allowing you to see your strength and attributes that rest deeper than the physical body. 

Virtual & In Person Options. Virtual Counseling Available in North Carolina & South Carolina Statewide.
In person Counseling reserved for holistic options, located in Charlotte, NC.

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