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Meet your new counselor, Bethany Otten (she/her)

LCMHC, NCC, MA, RYT 500, Owner of Otten Counseling PLLC

Psychology today profile of licensed mental health counselor
LGBTQIA+ LGBTQ affirming care counseling and therapy

When you are searching for a counselor, you may ask yourself a few questions such as:

  • How does this person know how to help me?

  • Look at this counselor looking all happy in their picture, what problems have they had? 

  • Has this counselor even been to counseling?


Let me address these questions. I will start off by saying that our lives may be vastly different but our deep emotions and feelings may be quite similar. Before I was able to genuinely smile, I walked through pain. I attribute my self growth to counseling, mindfulness, yoga, and help from my community. Starting in middle school, I experienced overwhelming anxiety which led to depression and feelings of hopelessness. I once felt like counseling did not work. However, I never got honest with myself or with a counselor. When I finally started to open up to a counselor and get vulnerable, my life changed for the good. I learned how to navigate my emotions and embrace myself fully.

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My approach to counseling is alternative and unique. I believe choices in treatment are important. Maybe you're hesitant about new techniques and that is ok because you have the option to stick solely with traditional counseling and therapy. I have a colorful background with an assortment of training that has laid the foundation of my holistic specializations. I have taught yoga since 2015 as a certified RYT 500 instructor, studied Reiki since 2016, traveled the world, and photographed professionally. With that said, my counseling is filtered through a holistic and creative lens. I integrate techniques of traditional psychotherapy (such as CBT) with new ground-breaking treatments that include mindfulness techniques, meditation, breath work, trauma informed yoga, and energy work (also known as distant Reiki). With my background as an artist, you may also utilize expressive arts in sessions. In order to treat an individual, my stance is to look at the WHOLE person. This includes the mind, body, and spirit. I enjoy working with a wide age range that spans from age 10 to 70. I welcome all people and backgrounds that include the advantaged, disadvantaged, marginalized, and LGBTQ+ folx. No problem or challenge you are experiencing is too big or too small.

Stigma around mental health and addiction is undeniable. I believe that when people are willing to share their own story, it can help others not feel so alone. It may even break down some of the fear that comes with asking for help. With that said, I find it important to be willing to share my own story.

Since 2013, I am proud to say that I entered and maintained long term recovery. I do not share that because you have to be in recovery or have a problem with addiction in order to work with me. I share that because it gives me insight into what it is like to struggle and the hard work needed in order to make a major life change. My desire to become a therapist comes from my desire to share the insight, tools, and techniques that changed my own life. Change is possible for you too and so is your ability to thrive. In our counseling sessions, the focus is on your journey and together we will discover what your goals, passions, and desires are for your own unique life. I will hold space for you that provides compassion and acceptance. I will believe in your ability to thrive as you learn how to believe in yourself. I looking forward to meeting you and I am here to help.

Bethany Otten can see Clients in both:


Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor (LCMHC) North Carolina License #16564

Click Here: North Carolina Verification of License

South Carolina Professional Counselor Telehealth Provider #1079 

Click Here: South Carolina Registration Listing Page

Virtual & In Person Options. Virtual Counseling Available in North Carolina & South Carolina Statewide.
In person counseling reserved for holistic options, located in Charlotte, NC

Psychology today profile of licensed mental health counselor
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