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Mental Health Counseling and Therapy for LGBTQIA+ LGBTQ Affirming Care in a Safe Zone

Affirming Counseling for LGBTQIA+

People who are part of the LGBTQIA+ community can have a difficult time receiving help. So often this demographic feels misunderstood and insignificant. You may want someone to help you explore sexuality, identity, or help you navigate your own transition. Due to various reasons such as religion or societal pressures, an individual may be scared to look inside and explore all parts of themselves. You may be finally ready to take the step of discovering and aligning with your authentic self.



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Helping you navigate life through any identity, sexuality, or transition. Let's walk the path of the LGBTQIA+ journey together.

Or you may be grounded in who you are and need support navigating challenges within your life. Or perhaps you have a challenge or problem that you would like to address which is separate from how you identify. Just because someone is LGBTQIA+ and has the desire for counseling, it does not mean that the focus or root of the challenge is stemming from how a person identifies. The environment of an individual can make or break a person. Individuals, society, or institutions can be close minded which creates prejudice, rejection, or serious harm against individuals who do not fit into a box. Otten Counseling is a safe place for any person regardless of a label which may be placed upon you. If you decide to work with Otten Counseling, you will never be convinced or swayed to identify with a certain sexual orientation, gender, gender expression, sex, or commitment style. Instead, you will be given a platform to discover your own truth. You will be given the opportunity to explore without judgement. If it is important for you to have a counselor who is also part of the LGBTQIA+ community, you have found that ability when you work with Bethany. 

Genderbread person LGBTQ Online Resource and LGBTQ Support

It's Pronounced Metrosexual is a free online resource for learning & teaching about gender, sexuality, & social justice created by Sam Killermann. Sam Killermann was the creator of the Genderbread Person which is a unique tool to help others understand themselves. Meta-Activism.Org has created a new version of the Genderbread Person to reflect commitment style which is seen above. The link to the article and new version may be found on a link on this page.

LGBTQIA+ Online Resource 

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LGBTQIA+ Online Support Resources Mental Health Counseling

Virtual & In Person Options. Virtual Counseling Available in North Carolina & South Carolina Statewide.
In person Counseling reserved for holistic options, located in Charlotte, NC

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