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Work or Career Counseling, Therapy for Professionals


Otten Counseling helps you manage work related stress, maintain a work
life balance, reach your full potential, and explore desired careers

Work or your career may bring up for you a feeling of overwhelm, dread, exhaustion, or confusion. Maybe you feel like your work is in alignment with your authentic self and have the desire to find the courage to make a change. Or maybe your work is impacting other areas of your life and you have trouble finding balance. Working from home may cause problems of isolation, loneliness, or not setting boundaries of turning work "off." If you can identify with any of the following, Otten Counseling can provide you with coping skills, support, and encouragement.

  • The desire to relax and not think about your job when you are not working

  • The sense of never being done and having no sense of completion

  • Handling a high pressure job and the stress that comes with high-stake decisions

  • Worrying that your success and money will be lost in an instance

  • Loss of focus or concentration

  • The desire to be more present when you are working

  • Navigating building a reputation or feeling like you have lost your reputation

  • Handling power and prestige 

  • Looking for employment after taking time off from working

  • The fear and intimidation of never having worked before 

  • Exploring making a change in career

  • Coping with mental health concerns that is holding you back from excelling at work

  • Wondering if you should go to school again for a different career direction

  • The desire to maintain work life balance

  • Enjoying the money that you make at work but having feelings of hating the job

  • Burnout or the feeling that you just do not care anymore

  • Going to school while working a job

  • Learning how to be present with your family after getting off of work

  • Creating boundaries in your job

  • Learning effective communication to voice what you need while you work

  • Navigating the feeling of "do I really want to do this the rest of my life?"

  • Having the sense that you are a robot and everyday feels like rinse and repeat

  • How to address conflict at work with other employees or your boss

  • Addressing discontent and dissatisfaction 

  • Feeling like you do not fit in at your work environment

  • Systemically being held back due to demographics such as ethnicity, race, age or sexuality

Each individual has a unique desire in counseling for career or work. What you are seeking may be different than statements above and that is ok. Otten Counseling can address your goals.

Virtual & In Person Options. Virtual Counseling Available in North Carolina & South Carolina Statewide.
In person Counseling reserved for holistic options, located in Charlotte, NC

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